There’s no denying that Kit is one of everyone’s favorite parts about The Rocktorium of Love. Deservedly so.

She’s our alarm system, welcoming committee, escort, occasional musical contributor (barks and collar tag jingles), entertainment diversion, and when necessary, fluff therapy.

She’s the best.

Sadly, Kit passed away after illness in April of 2020. It was hard to even think of bringing another
dog into the studio until we met Maple in June of 2021, but the wait was worth it.

For as reserved as Kit was, Maple is an unabashed lover of everyone she meets. She has quickly
learned what is expected of a good Studio Dog, though, and after you’ve received your fill of kisses and given your pets and scratches, she will settle right in to help you achieve an inspired performance.

Until it’s time for more kisses and scratches.