Here at Rocktorium Records,

we’re not that hung up about what “genre” of music we release into the world, we only want it to be great! And if you ask any of our artists what type of music that they play, most will have a hard time giving you a very succinct answer. So we tried to organize some of the artists that we’ve worked with in the simplest way that we could, to help you explore them, and find some music that you will hopefully love. Click on any artist image to find out more about them, and please take some time to wander around- we’re sure you’ll be glad you did.


Gumption and Glory

Muddy Ruckus

Julie Rhodes

Boo City

Ted Stevens


Clatta Bumboo

The Ravers

Curt Ramm

The Copacetics

Rival Roots


The Z Boys

Ed Fishell

Everyone Dead


Esmeree Skye


Brown Bones

Americana/Country/Western Swing

Moga Band