• This compilation features eight new, original songs, by some of the most dynamic, diverse, and powerful artists of the New England area.
    Take a musical excursion that will begin with the thumping, yet sultry, R&B of Boo City's "Ride", and then be treated to the Latin, surf, and jazz tinged instrumental "Schizophonia" by The Z-Boys.  From there, you head to the soulful rock steady of The Ravers' "Make It Through", and then on to the Gospel-soaked, country rock of Ed Fishell's "Bad Man".   The tender conversation, and urban-folk setting of "Upset" from Brown Bones follows, and the journey continues with the horn-driven, stomping soul of Gumption and Glory's "Moving On".  And move on you do, to the roots reggae of Clatta Bumboo's "She's A Rebel", where lush strings and a driving rhythm underscore the potent narrative.  The beautiful conclusion is "Perfectly Aligned" by Muddy Ruckus, an incredibly intimate song, where the delicate beauty of the music both defies and amplifies the power of the lyrics.